Shamanic Massage

Shamanic Massage  delivers a relaxing and deep level of healing for your ( PEMS ) physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. In your session we are leveraging the healing  properties of the three types of stones ( basalt, marble, jade) while combining hot/cold stones together with energy medicines. This combination enhances the massage experience by bringing you into a light trance  and transporting you into deep relaxation of body, mind, and soul.

During your session you may ask for energy work on a specific issue or simply intend to receive  general healing for your highest divine wellness. In addition we will do energetic corrections, and other shifting and aligning techniques silently, while applying sound therapy with vibrational forks and essential oils if desired. 

Benefits: Shamanic massage accelerates circulation of blood to muscle tissues by stimulating the circulatory system resulting in increased oxygenation of the blood stream. Aids in eliminating metabolic waste in tissues by stimulating the lymphatic system. It also Boosts the immune system, relieves pain, tension headaches, muscle spasms, increases joint mobility and reduces miss firings in the nervous system. Heals DNA, and cellular memory to end lineage and generational  themes and dynamics aswell as wounded and limited behavior and thought patterns

Shamanic Massage is helpful in the treatment of: of cellular memory, nerve sedation, lymphatic drainage, vascular flush, sinus, TMJD, tendinitis, joint and muscle pain.  Support for conditions issues such as inflammation and pain in the nerves, releases emotional and mental toxins that cause physical symptoms and dis-ease.





Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage is an ancient body work technique  and geo-thermo-hydro therapy: it involves the therapeutic use of stones that are heated in water (also known as Thermo-therapy or Stone Therapy). Hot smooth Basalt stones are gently applied to your body in varying sizes and shapes in combination with massage techniques. Both the heat and the weight of the stones help to soothe trigger points in your body causing blood vessels expand and dilate.  activating relaxation and relief for sore / tight muscles and chronic or stress related conditions. 

Benefits:  Improves circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system and soothes and balances the nervous system. Interrupts the pain spasm cycles. Muscles are relieved without deep tissue work as the heat penetrates the areas needing release. Promotes grounding due to the natural magnetic field inherent to the stones. Restores peace, calm, and nurturing for the soul. 

Thermo-therapy is helpful in the treatment of: sprains, strains, headaches, migraines, sciatica, constipation, menstrual cramps, immune deficiency, detoxification, sleeping issues and stress reduction in the ( PEMS) physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.


Precautions for : high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus , MS, peripheral vascular, spinal cord injuries or rheumatoid, varicose, autoimmune dysfunction, pregnancy, laminectomy sites, malignancy, vascular insufficiency, eye, testes heart conditions, edema, parkinsons, cancer, metal implants, total hip replacement or joint prosthetics because of the heat.





Cold Stone Massage

Cold Stone massage is also known as "Cryotherapy", and is most effectively utilized immediately following accidental or intentional trauma such as surgery. Cryo-kinetics is the term used to describe combining the stones with motion, passively or actively. This facilitates a return to normal pain free movement during recovery. 

Benefits: Cryotherapy provides analgesia (inability to feel pain), reduces inflammation, muscle spasms and redness, slows bleeding, relieves acute injury, decreases tension head aches and sinus congestion, boosts the immune system, tones and stimulates the muscles while limiting misfiring in your nervous system. 





Rain Drop Massage

Raindrop Therapy is a powerful technique which uses pure 100% grade essential oils. During your 90 minute session, 50-60 drops of essential oil are dropped onto your body from a height of 6" along the spine, neck, lower legs and feet, simulating raindrops. The oils are applied neat (undiluted) and their electromagnetic properties are enhanced as they move through the body's electric field prior to contacting and penetrating the skin.

 This technique combines several holistic modalities to bring balance and alignment to the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of the body as well as impacting all the energy systems and the aura. Additional Techniques are as follows:

Vita-Flex Technique — This is an ancient Tibetan healing methodology meaning "vitality through the reflexes." Light pressure is applied to the body creating an electric charge that is therapeutic.

Feather Stroking (Effleurage) — This is a Native American (Lakota) healing technique and tradition used in massage. The Lakota People would travel to Canada to experience the Northern Lights or Aura Borealis. They would raise their hands toward the light and breath in the energy for the healing process.  When they no longer could access this healing energy in person, They created the method of using  a feather, stroking it along the spine, to stimulate the healing of the Aurora Borealis.

Swedish Massage Techniques — Are used to relax, rejuvenate, release body and muscle tension, stress, anxiety, aches, pains, and toxins, all of which are stored in blockages trapped in the body.





Healing Touch

​Healing Touch is an energy healing therapy which uses heart centred  intentions to enhance, support and facilitate  healing for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Utilizes light or near body touch to clear, balance, and energize the human energy system to promote well being. 

Benefits:  Healing touch assists with chakra balances, hara alignments, improves immune function in clients with health ailments, supports clients  through life events, relieves emotional and mental fatigue, exhaustion, overwhelm, and disturbed sleep patterns, pre- and post-surgery techniques, wound  healing,  cell and tissue growth, reduces anxiety, depression, tension, stress, irritability, migraines, headaches, sinus, chronic pain and more. 





Quantum Shamanic Usui Reiki

The Reiki I offer is an evolved blend of quantum physics, shamanism and the traditional Usui Reiki. Discovered and popularized in the 20th century by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist. Reiki is passed down from student to teacher and was taught to me by Pete Bernard whom is a Reiki Master of the Usui lineage.

Reiki is the uniting of creator and humanity in harmony through the communication of unconditional and universal Love and is initiated by tapping into the unlimited supply of Life Force Energy then channeling  it through to the receiver. As the receiver you will experience the benefits of relaxation, peace, serenity, and increased energy. Reiki Cultivates open / flowing chakra systems while  Supporting the organs, meridians, and aura by releasing tension and toxins. It is beneficial to the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual components of the body. 

Receiving Reiki produces positive states of consciousness and spiritual experiences allowing healing and transformation to take place. Reiki will help with emotional life ailments and physical injuries such as; broken bones, headaches, cold, flu, respiratory issues and can support body, mind, spirit through surgery (before during after).  Reiki energy also helps with fatigue, sleep patterns  and  supports life changes and challenges.  





Shamanics, Tuning Fork Space Clearing And Vibrational Wellne

Additional Information

Tuning Forks and Smudging techniques are used to clear congested and stagnant energy from a space or environment. It helps create change and raise frequency levels leaving the space feeling balanced, peaceful and clear. 

Helpful in homes, garages, shops, barns, offices, individual rooms and properties. Can be used to clear energy before selling a home or property, create clean inviting space for new renters, employees, or goals   and clear blockages keeping you from, harmony, balance, and money.

Techniques can be used  clear energy fields while helping  humans and animals to relax or shift into new healthy energy or mindset.  They add peace, calm, harmony, and homeostasis to the internal and external body and environment which in turn opens the natural flow of internal energy allowing the body, mind, soul to align and heal it self. 

NOTE***: The use of full shamanic ceremony is preferred when there is suspected entity energy.

 travel fees will be added for space clearing work.





Equine Facilitated Healing

The herd of horses join in naturally and assist with your healing session while the sacred council and Michele' offer Algonquin Energy Medicines and or other modalities to assist and support in your healing journey.

This unique healing style and setting offers a connection to nature so unique and serene that you will feel like you have returned home in your heart, fully present and re-connected intimatley to your inner soul self. 

You will connect intimately with the horses to bring about trans-formative healing experience.

Waivers Required***





​​​Algonquin Shamanic Medicine

Begin to Co-create the life you have always wanted to live and ignite your dreams and passions  as we (sacred counsel, and I)  facilitate you, the client,  to enter into a relaxed trance state. Journey to a sacred realm between the worlds to meet and interact with the Divine Aspects of who you truly are and become intimate with your inner self again. Joyfully create a sacred relationship with the most important person you will ever know in your life... YOU. 

In these sacred sessions you will connect with your body, soul self and your guides to find your healing answers.  Discover the root issues and struggles from the past, present, and or future that are blocking you from moving forward in life. In this sacred space we heal core issues, affinities, childhood imprinting, old belief systems, behavior and thought patterns that are unhealthy or not serving you any longer.  Replace unhealthy habits and structures with healthy conscious choices for your body, mind, soul and life. Energetically support the transformational healing process with foundational tools you will learn along your journey to wholeness.

Healing / Journeys:  Find support and resources from your spirit guides, animal totems, divine higher self, Chakra, energy system, organ and aura healing and balancing, power retrieval, spirit guide ceremonies for guidance, soul gathering (soul parts realigned within), co-create, manifest, dream your life into being, cord cutting, binding  and crystallized energy removals, time travel healing past, present and future, past Life, karmic healing,  sorcery and sabotage healing inner/outer, stone ceremonies, life mapping, DNA Activation.

 (We were all born with healthy DNA.....lets reboot), Lineage Healing (heal themes, patterns, behaviours, belief systems you recognize in self and lineage, that you do not want to continue in yourself or pass down to next generations) Heal 7 Generations back and forwards, Cellular Memory, Nervous System healing, Web of life aligning, 

Ceremonies: Forgiveness ceremonies, life review ceremony to create clean slate,  pre death rites / life transitions ceremony , death rites ceremony

​and more....

Algonquin Shamanic Energy Benefits:  Reclaim, restore, reconnect and remember you.

Relaxation, circulation, oxygenation and balances the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Releases the toxins, blockages and energetic miss firings produced by injury, stress, anxiety, fears, illness, surgery, trauma, abuse, dis-ease, unhealthy habits, and more. Support the cells, tissues, muscles, organs, bones, meridians, enzyme growth, and regulates the total energy system. It cleanses, repairs and aligns the aura, organs, chakras, cellular memory, nervous system and energy field. Provides the body, mind, and soul with the optimal internal environment and foundation for healing from inside out and supports the immune system to fully function, cleanse, repair and balance itself from the inside /out. ​