Young & Living Essential Oils

Aromatherapy may is an ancient art and science which has began its re-entry into the modern world in the past 35 years. Essential oils were mankind's first medicine and have been around for thousands of years. ​Today, oils are beginning to be used in all walks of life, not just for personal use. I am very excited to be sharing this life changing information with those who are looking for new ways of dealing with health and wellness, for both humans and animals. Become a member under Michele' and receive free Raindrop Massage and Quick Ref Guide, a 488 page book. 

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Botanical Alchemy Flower Essences

Flower essences, properly used, are some of the safest, most effective, and least intrusive remedies in the natural pharmacopoeia. Unlike the more common single flower remedies, all Botanical Alchemy formulas are synergistic blends of several flowers. These blends have been carefully designed and tested over many years. Combining essences in this way produces an effect that greatly enhances the potency of each remedy, promotes deeper action, and more predictable effects. 


Algonquin Medicine Man Meditations

Pete Bernard has developed these healing meditations in Sacred Space and you feel like you are in a personal healing session with him throughout the audio meditations. He is trained in hypnotics and uses his words and healing skills to provide true healed outcomes each time you listen to one of these meditations.     

/ Organ Healing Meditation /

/ Light Beings Meditation /

/ Protection Meditation / 

/ Great Fire Meditation /

/ Tree Meditation /

/ Un-Meditation /

Ceremonial Tools

We offer a variety of ceremonial tools to support you on your healing journey and exploration of indigenous medicines.

/ Smudging Feathers /

/ Dream Catchers /

/ Smudge Bowls /

/ Books /

 / Salts /