Horse Boarding

Our focus is  to support people in cultivating healthier and happier relationships with their horses.                  We support in providing healing for Horses and Humans to become partnerships , building trust and unity through clear job and or behavior direction. Offering healing for both human and horse as we are one when we partner together no matter the job, competition or passion you have with your horse. Alot of times the horse is mirroring for the human what may be out of sync. Energetics play a huge role in performance and pleasure riding. The health and wellness of an animal is crucial and can be costly if not corrected.

Infiniti Trails 4 Healing offers Healing Touch for Animals and Humans. aswell as Reiki, Shamanics, Essential oils and  Sound and Vibrational wellness for both  human and horse.

Space clearing of the arenas, barns and properties are benifical aswell, where theres been alot of incidences of health, accidents or drama.

Here at Infiniti Trails Farms,  We offer a sacred and safe space for you and your horses to have down time from the fast pace or high stress competitive world, Horses need  vacations just like the humans. Especially if they've been doing their job for a long period time. Or maybe your in transition in your life as the human and need a safe relaxed space for your horse while taking care of yourself.

Infiniti Trails Farms is embedded with love and attention to detail.  Our pastures are healthy and clean. And we take  limited number of horses  ensures a high level of health  in our pastures and wellness for the horses..  

Service Includes

 Automatic Watering


Tack Rooms

Hay / Salt / Minerals



 350 x 150 arena

60' Round Pen

30' Round Pen


40 x 40 Warm Up Arena


(Space in barn for vet And farrier work with

mobile vet and farrier services available at clients cost.)

EQUINE Love Investment

Private Pasture: $400 Per Horse / Month

Semi Private Pasture: $350 Per Horse / Month