HTA is a holistic approach influencing the health and wellness of any species:  small and large animals, birds, aquatic and exotics. HTA techniques can be combined energy medicine, intention, sound therapy, aromatherapy oils. HTA Brings harmony and balance to your animals energy system while providing physical, emotional, mental, and instinctual stability to their spirit self, while building  their immune systems. Stabilizing the energy system allows the natural succession of the immune system, which encourages the healing process and promotes well-being. HTA  Helps animals adjust to life with their humans, evolve into their jobs or roles and heal or transform issues.  


We use  Raindrop Therapy with HTA or as a stand alone therapy. We use 100% therapy grade essential oils for specific issue use as a stand alone therapy and within treatments

Stabilizing the energy system allows the natural succession of the immune system, which encourages the healing process and promotes well-being. 


Tuning forks  are used to clear spaces of congested and stagnant energy, replacing it with a feeling of balance, flow and peace in your animals environment.  

​Tuning forks can be used to enhance and increase focus and concentration levels, clear an animals energy field of congestion to open the natural, proper flow of  energy; allowing the body to heal from inside out and create fluidity and mobility.  

The vibration and sound healing from the tuning forks is soothing, calming, peaceful and resonates with the true essence of the animals spirit and natural instincts.  

A serene and beautiful addition to any healing modality. Creates harmony and homeostasis to internal and external environments for the animals overall health and wellness.  Used  as an individual therapy or with in another modality sessions.


Shamanic practices are used to create internal and external change and invoke feelings of peace, calm, relaxation, harmony, and confidence  within the body. I use shamanic medicines often in my animal healing treatments, as shamanic tracking is ver effective  for uncovering hidden issues. 

Note*** - Travel rates apply for out of office sessions





Equine Partnership Sessions

Equine Partnership Sessions

Are you experiencing challenges, issues or fears and not sure where it's coming from?
Emotional,  mental, physical and spiritual issues internalized by the human causes the horse to feel the unsettled energy and the horse assesses that energy as out of alignment or predator type energy. Causing the horse to feel vulnerable, unsafe and even pushed into prey mode , to want to fight , flight or freeze. Which creates an unwillingness to be part of the partnership between human and horse.

Learn to co-create alignment in your human and horse relationship through building trust, acceptance and  communication. By noticing what's out if sync in yourself, your increased personal presence and ability to see, feel, hear and breath in those moments builds  respect. Those seemingly troubled issues or fears are actually opportunities to heal energetic blockages in yourself and sometimes the horse. And knowing that your horse is the perfect mirror for you to cultivate a partnership. Taking advantage of these opportunities for healing and alignment to happen develops a trusted relationship to co-create a partnership. 

This awareness in itself let's the horse breath, and creates deeper understanding  and tells the horse you are listening and acknowledging that there's something to be taken care of in order for the horse to feel safe. You as the human build confidence, trust, safety for both of you. You learn to cultivate partnership by becoming the lead mare or lead stallion, thus cultivating a true horse and human partnership. Like ground work, it builds the foundation and alignment for the team (human & horse) to build on.

In these equine partnership healing sessions, we work with both horse and human to clear the root issues and energetic blockages to keep the energy systems open and flowing in both. Tracking for origin issues that may be causing you from reaching your goals and visions with your equine partner.