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We Spirit, my spiritual team and sentient horse herd;  specialize in co-creating safe and sacred space for healing o happen. We believe...The most important relationship we will ever cultivate is...the One Within.

We guide you through the emotional waters, over the bridge to self-empowerment. Supporting you along the way too 'Soul', Body and Mind  alignment. Guiding you to Co-Create Sacred Partnership within your soulself and your source of power. From this space of Soul 'n' Source  in the driver seat of your life, your body and mind can realign, restore, reclaim the health and wellness for the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Aswell as healing the war within, the imbalances that go on  for the mind and body when the soul is left out of the team planning and communications of and for your life. 

Whether you choose Shamanism, Reiki, Healing Touch, Sound/Vibrational Wellness,Essential Oils, Belief Re-Patterning or the combinations in Shamanic Massage.....It's all energy. Energy has frequency, vibration,sound, rate, a pulse and resonance. It's  in the frequencies of the trails I've blazed already  in my lifes' experiences and exposures in many difficult and painful areas and aspects of my life's learnings, lessons and teachings. It's in  how  I empowered myself myself by healing my past, preparing for my future by living in the now.  Trusting my soul  and the Divine Source to lead my path, on purpose with passion and presence.                                                                                                                  

                                                   When we do  Equine Facilitated Healing Sessions for a client or a group the frequency of healing power and soul 'n' source's intimate connections are amplified  beyond measure bringing the clients into such deep deep intimacy and frequency within themselves that results in the clients outer world are effortless. The  horses ability to be  present and grounded simultaneously  gives to the interconnectedness on so many levels.....Creator/Creatrix,  Above/Below,  Mother Earth/Father Sky, As within/So without,  Masculine/Feminine,  Matriarcal/Patriarcal, ect.  Putting self first not only on a self nurturing level but also on a Soul level is what will Co-Create a life as a leader in your life and your relationships. Co-Create from your Personal Partnership with self and your outer relationships will follow....Let your Soul Lead the Way.        Michele' Keehn

Michelé is a compassionate and resilient human who is dedicated to the service of sentient beings on our planet. Having overcome a vast array of diverse traumas and challenges in her life she has learned to work through life’s toughest battles and now brings forwards her wisdom to share with those in need. 

She was  introduced to alternative medicines  at the age of 32 when her mother was diagnosed with cancer. As a part of her mothers healing journey she investigated alternative healing methods as a path to recovery. This inquiry inspired Michele' to attend all of the sessions and tests that her mother was exploring. Unfortunately it was too little too late for her mother and Michele' vowed to avoid following in her mothers foot steps of not looking after self, and Michele' was thrust onto a path of healing and self discovery. Since then she has utilized alternative medicines to overcome many physical, mental, emotional  traumas and health issues ranging from fatigue, nervous breakdowns, candida, IBS, acid reflux, numerous skin issues, celiac and low blood pressure, to emotional, mental, spiritual, physical  and sexual abuse, and her families intergenerational addictions trauma. 

Following several intense life altering events Michele' turned to Equine Facilitated Healing after experiencing personally the power and depth of her horses healing powers. The only release She had was an escape to her barn with her horses in the late evenings. While doing so, Michele's horses started to facilitate healing sessions on her, helping to release trapped emotions, fears and physical pain. She felt their sentient power, integrity, focused energy and pure heart intentions of healing. Their healing process resonated deeply always leaving her feeling aligned, cleared, balanced and refreshed, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. After each session they guided Michele' to send healing energy for them, like an energetic exchange with each other. 

In 2008 she met  Pete Bernard whom is a Shaman and  Reiki Master, trained in a plethora of modalities and knowledge as well as his cultural and ancestral Algonquin  roots. Pete is the founder and  Algonquin Medicine Man of The 8th Fire School of Shamanism. Michele' has dedicated her life to this  ongoing shamanic training and attending  Pete's healing circles and classes since. She spent  years volunteering  and paying it forward within her community. In addition to her training in Shamanic Medicines and Quantum Shamanic Usui Reiki. Michele' also  began her training in Healing Touch for Animals and Humans in 2008 and has continued these studies with teacher Carol Komitor to the level of  HTA Advanced Proficiency. Aswell as Equinistic Healing Certification with Liz Mitten-Ryan. As She moved forward and continued advancing  her career in holistic medicines, She naturally began to develop a few unique modalities which includes a few styles of Equine Facilitated Healing , Equine Ground and Grooming Therapy, Equine  facilitated meditation circles and retreats.

Michele's  training in stone massage therapies, was love at first sight. She had dreamed about working with these beautiful beings, the stone people for a very long time. As she developed her connection with them and got to know her stones intimately, it awakened a deep resonance within her. Michele' is always filled with joy, reverence and gratitude  each time she facilitates a session for someone. She started with 2 levels of hot stone and then took advanced stone therapy where she was introduced to additional techniques  including cold stones. Although she offers both hot and cold stone therapy separately. She developed Her own style that came together naturally from combining her other modalities of energy work with hot/cold stones while using all three ( Basalt, Jade and Marble ) stones along with sound and vibrational healing with tuning forks, drumming, rattles,  essential oils and her beloved Ayurveda Kansa Wands. In these sessions Michele' assists in the deep soul level healing and rememberance of the soulself, aswell as healing the DNA, cellular memory and nervous systems and much much more.  

Today Michele' is a Shaman, a Spiritual (Soul) Energy Healer, Massage Practitioner, Sound and Vibrational Wellness Practitioner, Equine Healing Facilitator  / Equine Partnership Facilitator, Reiki Practitioner and Level 5 Advanced Proficiency HTA (Healing Touch For Animals) and Healing Touch for Humans Practitioner and Owner of Infiniti Trails Equine Boarding Facility. 

 Feel free to come visit Michele' at Infiniti Trails Farms where she lives with numerous animals and has cultivated a beautifully tranquil nature setting to assist in meeting your needs in healthy ways through love of nature and natural medicines. After your session of choosing you can enjoy a peaceful stroll around the property to journal, reflect, enjoy tea and BE present in the stillness of connection and personal presence you have cultivated. 

May All Your needs BE met through the Love  in which you already Are

 Michele', the Herd  &

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